With the recent news of the closing of Regal & Cineworld cinemas, it appears as if the 100 year old cultural tradition and associated business model of feature length storytelling in the cinema is reaching the inevitable conclusion that analysts have been forecasting for a decade now. Audiences will always go to the cinema, but the days of the feature film being the best method creatively and fiscally for creators to craft narratives are over.

Conversation around future of entertainment is generally centered around user generated content, SVOD platforms, cross platform, free to play models and the intrigue of the…

In honour of the newest Reply All episode “The Case of the Missing Hit, which The Guardian is hailing as the greatest podcast of all time, I’ve decided to put together a list of my favourite ever podcast episodes. Note that I’m not much of a true crime lover, and generally prefer non-fiction and/or a great story. I’ve always found it ironic that Apple named the Podcast and has no influence on it, but I’ve been listening to them since way back then. Podcasts are the best value for any form of content (free, or in some cases a subscription…

The top media, content, books and articles I watched and read each month.

1. Andrew Yang’s book, The War On Normal People

Yang was always my choice for the democratic nomination, and I was disappointed to see his low results in the Iowa primary and subsequent exit from the race. It’s impressive that a guy with no political experience made it this far, but err.. Let’s just call him “Nice Trump”. Yang continuously gets billed as an entrepreneur, and while he has sold a company and worked as an executive at startups, his main focus has been on leading social initiatives such as Venture for America. VFA takes top…

Casey Blustein

I’m a young professional living in Toronto, running a creative artificial intelligence startup.

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